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We know that this time has come... we've been putting it off. And while we wish that we could keep this zine going, Life itself, has other plans.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you who might be reading this. From the beginning, this has been very interesting and a whole lot of fun. I want to thank everyone who had been with us from the start and the end. To everyone who has given us time to help or to just read the zine itself. Thank you SO much!

I know this is short and sweet, but it's time that we stop hoping to put something together... and go ahead and let her go.

#DelveMag has been wonderful and such a great part of our lives. I know there are others out there doing a better job than we ever could as of late. This group will be deleted soon. Thank you guys.. SOOOO much! It has been a pleasure working with you on everything. :heart:

Editor In Chief Signing Off...

Jen aka jenepooh

eschlehahn, PurpelBlur, AlanRalph, noisybubbles, Jadeit3, pica-ae and anyone else I have missed... THANK YOU! :heart:
We wish to give a warm welcome to our newest team member, TheseKrimzonFlames! :heart:

The Passion and the FuryA tempest is who I am
A furious storm
Of existence
It waxes and it wanes,
Through the laughter and the pain
Each time, a subtle change
Raging uncontrolled,
Consuming the very depths of my soul,
Latching on, not letting go
It is not a negative thing,
Not truly, what this passion brings
Indeed, it makes me sing
It can be angry and almost uncaring,
Typically leaves you staring
Hopefully, in wonder
It roars and it soars,
Sometimes leaves me face flat upon the floor
Often, in a room with no doors
In truth, it is a prison,
Each day, a million facets of the prism
That is me
And on fire
It seems I make my fuel,
Burning everything, as a rule
In the end I
Am simply just a tool
A weapon
Forged in sickness and in sorrow,
Hoping so much for tomorrow
Does not abandon me
Nor I it
Living in the moment, in today,
Knowing there will always be a way
If only I truly open my eyes and look
Into the deep darkness that is me,
Sweeping aside sweet misery
Knowing that hope, is my destiny
ID-Reaching by TheseKrimzonFlames BelieveSomebody once asked me
"In what do you believe?"
And I answered them simply
"I believe in everything"
I believe in you,
I believe in me
I believe in hope and faith,
And so much in reality
I believe in innocence,
Because it makes me smile,
And I see it every single day,
On the face of my child
I believe in passion,
And a love that burns so deep,
Yes, I…believe…
In everything
In the little steps of my life,
And where they'll take me
In living in the moment,
And that you make your destiny…
Someone once asked me,
"Do you believe in anything?"
And I answered them simply,
"No, I believe in everything."
I believe in you,
I believe in me
I believe in sunny days,
When the sky is so clear
I believe in laughter,
I even believe in tears,
These two can be the same thing,
In case you think that's weird
I believe in joy,
And yet in pain,
These are the things that shape us,
They make us who we will remain
In the little steps
Today, the current issue of DELVE got a Daily Deviation! :faint:

WHEEEEEEEE!!!!! :iconflowerdanceplz:

DELVE April 2014 by AlanRalph

Many, many thanks to all contributing team members who made this issue happen! Also, many thanks to the artists who allowed us to showcase their stuff, as well as to our readers, and last, but not least, to ikazon, who featured us!

Just so you know: YOU ROCK! :iconspazhugplz: :cuddle: :heart: :cuddle: :iconspazhugplz: :#1:

With happy and excited greetings,
Eva aka eschlehahn, one of the chief editors of DELVE

Hello dearest watchers, readers, visitors and art lovers! :wave:

The long awaited new issue of DELVE is finally here, and it's huuuuuge! :faint:
Delve into over 180 pages of incredible art, and get the new issue, 35Mb in size and in PDF format!

DELVE April 2014 by AlanRalph

To cite the words from our awesome layout editor, AlanRalph, the focus in this issue is FAN ART, its history, inspirations, and all its various forms - drawing, painting, digital modelling, traditional sculpture, cosplay, plushies, even a few crossovers and mashups. :) Whether it's books, TV shows, movies, video games or comics, there's something in this issue for everyone!

Beyond this main theme, there is differently themes art as well, like a culinary art feature, and we also have interviews with DulcetEpicure boundless-mind and PlushBuddies, plus several tutorials to help you push your own artistic skills.

Enjoy! :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz:

I would like to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the artists who granted us the kind permission to feature their work in this issue. :iconspazhugplz:

And also a big THANK YOU to the great DTeam :community: which again did an incredible job in finally getting this issue done and making it awesome! Thereby, special thanks go to noisybubbles (text editor), AlanRalph (layout editor), Nameda, Jadeit3, and indidere (feature & article contributors). You did a wonderful job! :heart:

Cover image provided by imorawetz  :aww:
Hello dear fans, watchers, and random visitors of DELVE! :wave:

We just wanted to let you know that we are still alive and kickin' - life just has been so busy for many of us that we have not yet managed to get fully in gear for the new issue.

BUT we are planning for it, and the individual team members are crafting their contributions like busy bees! :#1:

So hang on, I cannot yet say when the new issue will come out, since we are right in the middle of tackling everything together, and the stress Christmas times are ahead of us. However, we plan for a release either end of this year or very early in the new year. Stay tuned! :P

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